Karla Casillas and Co. team of professional wedding and event planners. Creative hearts, all different personalities but the exact profile… you know that profile that is unique to wedding planners: perfectionists, organized, detailed orientated, logic processing, continues trend seekers and oh! yes great a solving last minute changes. Planning weddings and events throughout our lovely state of Baja California Sur: Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos, La Paz, and some other destinations in mainland Mexico like Puerto Escondido, San Miguel de Allende, Valle de Bravo.
Loving what we do and doing what we love is what makes this team of ladies unique and always motivated to create memorable events.

 Photography by  Josafat del la Toba

Photography by Josafat del la Toba

Our commitment to you:

We are committed to offering our clients a clear vision of their potential spending from the onset of the planning process, it is important to us that you are not hit with monetary surprises in the middle of planning your destination wedding. Obtaining a clear understanding of standard wedding expenses will make you a very happy bride and groom to be and planing smart for the begining of your lives together.. At Karla Casillas and Co. we provide you with both the knowledge and the finest options for your big day. We will be honored to be a part of your wedding. Let us start this journey together.

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Cristina Cabrera, *Sr. Wedding and Event Planner

Meet Cristina Cabrera, originally from Canary Islands, resident of Los Cabos for 5 years. Wedding planner with 3 years experience, extremely organized and attention to detail like no other. Cristina is Karla's right hand and sometimes left hand too! 


Pamela Roura, *Sr. Wedding and Event Planner

Hi! Nice to meet you.  Never thought the universe will immerse me in the wedding world! Started in this industry seven years ago with my very first wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, since then I am in love with this profession. Before moving to Los Cabos I was planning weddings in Mexico City, Morelos and San Miguel de Allende.

I am so happy to be able to create your wedding as you envision and in turn also making new friends. Strong believer in doing whatever you are passionate about and what you really love. Los Cabos is the perfect place for me: beach and freedom and without a doubt the perfect place for your destination wedding. Hasta Pronto! Pamela


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Amelia Maroquin, *Sr. Wedding and Event Planner

Hello there! I’m so happy to share a little about me! I’m originally from Morelia, Michoacan, a beautiful colonial city two hours from Mexico City. Since I moved to Los Cabos (9 years ago) I fell in love with this amazing place. I found my paradise here and I’m always so happy to share this amazing destination with all the couples that come to us looking for recommendations. I love my work, more than anything.  I was that 5 year old girl dreaming about her wedding, and now the universe gives me the chance to help others to fulfill their dream and vision. I been doing weddings for 7 years now and every single couple I have the pleasure to work with, leaves a special memory in my heart. I hope we can meet soon and help you to experience your dream! Until then... Amelia (Meli)

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Lisa Wilson, *Sr. Wedding and Event Planner

Hey there, a little about me; I was raised on a small mixed farm in Southern Ontario, Canada. Spent 35 years as a professional Snow Sports Instructor and Racing Coach. The love for sports, helping people relax and have fun, was the best reward of all. My other passions were my gardens, motorcycle and antiques. I am a color girl, very eclectic, always wanting to learn new things, as well as love to cook and entertain. I spent many years working in the hotel/resort industry, coordinating special events. Understanding the differences between the client's needs and wants, I am able to fulfill and execute their desired goals and take great pride in the accomplishments.

I look forward to talking to you soon one day by the ocean, making a toast to you and your fiance´s wonderful future together. Cheers! Lisa


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Karla G. Casillas

Master Wedding Planner

Hey there!  It is terrifying when you are asked to write something about yourself.... 

So here is my story, well my professional life story because my personal will be too long and for that one we will need to share a glass of wine.

I moved to Cabo San Lucas when I was fresh out of college. Los Cabos back then was so pristine and  rustic, yeah a very small town with one stoplight and giant beaches you could see for miles. There was really not that many options to finding a job so I venture in to timeshare, then retail and the occasional translation jobs. One fine day in April 2001 I was invited by a Local Restauranteur owner to help her with planning a wedding for one of her recurrent customers...My answer was NO! I have no idea about planning a wedding.... I will pay you she said... I said no thanks.....
Weeks went by and she asked again...Karla I will pay you good... I said how much?? She said this much $$$$.... I said YES! Hahaha

Now really I had no idea what I was getting in to, all the logistics, details, timing, vendors, payments, accommodations, transportation, food and beverage... I can go on and on. Being a perfectionist and visualizing all that was needed I found what I wanted to do for life!! Yes!! this is my momentum of control!! I said. Love planing events, specially weddings; so blessed now that I share this with my wedding planners and so blessed to build wonderful relationships with my clients and vendors! Let's meet soon, Ciao for now KC.