3 steps before planning your destination wedding

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Yeai! These are exciting times and you are overwhelmed with excitement!!
Before you know it the inevitable questions will take place: When is the wedding? And where will it be?

So before you can answer those questions, here are 3 steps you and your fiance have to tackle:

Preliminary guest list. Uh this is a difficult one, who will make the list? If you are considering tying the knot back home the number of people to invite will go off the roof… If you consider a destination wedding the number of guests can be cut considerably. Set to a number of guests and stick to that number.

Allocate a budget. Now you have an estimated guest count. Here is where you will make or break your budget, why? Keep in mind that you are basically asking your guests to join you to a fine dining dinner night and you are paying.

Season. You probably have a good idea of when you want to set the date. Make sure to have the weather information at the destination of your choice. The best months to tie the knot in Los Cabos will be October through June warm days and cool nights. Stay away from August and September it is very hot and it's rainy season, do not risk your year of planning and investment for a slim chance that it will not rain on your day.

So now that you have an idea of number of guests + budget + wedding date, it is time to start your research as this information will serve you as a guideline to select what is right for your big day.

We at Karla Casillas and Co. will love to guide you and start the journey of planning your destination wedding in Los Cabos or surrounding areas. With our experience we can pair you up and build your wedding team with was it right for you.