How to make a Cabo Wedding affordable

cabo wedding details copy.jpg

Now I am the spending kind of girl, anyone that knows me will tell you that. So when I am planning my own affairs, I like to go all the way…. of course, I am careful now to make assertive options when selecting my event theme and style, guest list and most of all the duration of the event. I like to spend wisely.

My advice is to keep your guest list in the numbers that are more manageable for you and kind to your allocated budget. Take advantage of your destination wedding, this type of events keep a more manageable guest count. Don’t go crazy inviting everybody as travel nowadays are affordable.

So here let me share some brilliant ideas to plan your destination wedding:

1 Selecting a crisp and clean event theme and style will for sure make your event timeless, and it will be kind to your budget. When looking back to your wedding photos, you will see that you have a classic chic, timeless wedding.

2 When selecting your event venue is essential to note that not just because the location has become popular you should have it too. Seek the help of your wedding planner to find the venue that is suitable for your event size and style. Each site has a set of rules and different costs that you will need to be aware of before signing a contract.

3 Not exceeding a 6-hour to 8-hour event 5PM to midnight is just fine, trust me! Keep in mind that the longer your event, the more hours of open bar you will need. Look for the kind of atmosphere you will like and act accordingly.

4 Have a manageable guest list! Your guest list must pair up with the money you are willing to spend. The more guests you have, the higher the cost.

These brilliant ideas will allow you to have a perfect event, an affordable Cabo Wedding.

The reason for having a destination wedding is not to have a big wedding back home and only invite those that are close to you will make this totally affordable! By affordable I do not mean cheap, not at all! What I mean is that you will be able to offer champagne, have the flowers and decor you always dreamed of, top A vendors, perfect 3-course dinner and a prime open bar and well a spectacular firework show to end the perfect evening.