Karla Casillas


Hey there!  It is terrifying when you are asked to write something about yourself.... 

So here is my story, well my professional life story because my personal will be too long and for that one we will need to share a glass of wine.

I moved to Cabo San Lucas when I was fresh out of college. Los Cabos back then was so pristine and  rustic, yeah a very small town with one stoplight and giant beaches you could see for miles. There was really not that many options to finding a job so I venture in to timeshare, then retail and the occasional translation jobs. One fine day in April 2001 I was invited by a Local Restauranteur owner to help her with planning a wedding for one of her recurrent customers...My answer was NO! I have no idea about planning a wedding.... I will pay you she said... I said no thanks.....
Weeks went by and she asked again...Karla I will pay you good... I said how much?? She said this much $$$$.... I said YES! Hahaha

Now really I had no idea what I was getting in to, all the logistics, details, timing, vendors, payments, accommodations, transportation, food and beverage... I can go on and on. Being a perfectionist and visualizing all that was needed I found what I wanted to do for life!! Yes!! this is my momentum of control!! I said. Love planing events, specially weddings; so blessed now that I share this with my wedding planners and so blessed to build wonderful relationships with my clients and vendors! Let's meet soon, Ciao for now!

Karla Casillas
Creative Director - Owner

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Photography by:  Josafat de la Toba

Photography by: Josafat de la Toba


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