I cannot say enough good things about the fabulous women at Karla Casillas and Co.  Deciding on a destination wedding was exciting and scary at the same time because my husband and I had never been to Cabo before so we knew we needed to enlist some help.  After speaking to Karla on the phone she jut had the most amazing energy and seemed so genuinely excited to help us plan the wedding of our dreams I knew she was the perfect fit.  BEST DECISSION I HAVE EVER MADE.

Karla, and my planner Cristina, made everything so incredibly effortless for us, which is kind of amazing given we were having to make choices on so much without being personally familiar with anything. They just have such impeccable taste that their suggestions on everything from photographer to transportation and rehearsal dinner locations were spot on. I seriously looked forward to Cristina’s email’s and had so much fun planning this wedding with her.  And she was incredibly gracious with my multiple emails a day.    They just took care of absolutely everything.

They were also very conscious of my budget, even at times when I was not.  They made sure to let me know where we should spend the money and where we could cut back but not lose the effect we were going for.

Another major plus is they work hand and hand with the event company The Main Event Cabo which takes care of all the décor.  I never considered how that could impact the wedding planning process but it was such a huge bonus.  Not only did we end up getting better deals because of their close relationship but The Main Event Cabo really went above and beyond to execute my vision, including having items made just for us.  If you may be concerned that there might be something that you could get in American that you wouldn’t be able to find in Cabo I can assure you these girls will find it for you!  They are truly on your side.  They took care of all the liaisons with the vendors (which eliminates a lot of stress) and were able to use their relationships and negotiating skills to get fees waived at the venue and convince them to allow us to keep our music on past the initial shut off time which was really great.

They were able to take what I wanted and execute my vision so perfectly. By the time my husband and I arrived for our much-anticipated wedding week we didn’t have to worry about anything.  Cristina and Karla made all 4 of our wedding days with events every day completely stress free which was great because after planning this wedding with them for over a year we were able to just put everything in their hands, trust they were going to do a great job and enjoy our week with friends and family. If there was something that went wrong I sure didn’t hear about it.  The whole week far exceeded our expectation and our guests are still talking about it a year later and I credit it all to Karla Casillas and Co.

You can tell they have a passion for what they do and they truly just want to make you happy and make your dreams come true.  You absolutely cannot go wrong with this these fabulous ladies.


Karla Casillas