We are always happy to answer your questions. Here are some of the most frequent ones... We always prefer a quick phone call, things get moving faster and we can answer your questions right away without having you to scroll down endlessly!


How Much does a Wedding in los cabos Cost?

Each wedding is different and unique to each bride. There is not one fixed  total cost for a wedding per say, but it is known that the average cost of a wedding is $27,000.00 dollars. Weddings in my experience should always be tailored according to your event size and style.  We have planned weddings with all types of budget and style, ultimately what is going to define your budget will be your event size.

Do You Have Wedding Packages?

We do not have or recommend wedding packages. It is our recommendation that every time you find or receive a wedding package you review carefully the description of the packages, you will find that they offer not much that will complete your vision. You will end up upgrading services and spending way more then you thought.

Do you have a vendor list?

Yes! yes! we have an array of preferred vendor partners. Throughout the years we have carefully selected those vendors that help us deliver a perfect event every single time. They bring in so much to the wedding experience in Los Cabos, we are sure you will LOVE them, most of them had been featured in major wedding blogs.

We will for sure be able to pair you up with your perfect vendor.

How many weddings you do per year?

Our company can do up to 50 weddings per year, that is about four per month. Our fantastic wedding planners and Karla, can each handle one wedding per month.

Each wedding is handled with care and attention to detail.

Are you open all year around?

Yes! yes! We are open for business all year around. Now a days we can work virtually anywhere and everywhere. So this is how we operate:

  • October through July we work from our studio located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

  • August through September we work as we travel or from home, and phone calls are taken by appointment only. We do not operate events during these months as they are hurricane season.

We at Karla Casillas and Co. are always prompt with all our communications, you will never have to worry.